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3000BC WellMed Spa began many many years ago as an aromatherapy boutique in which the passion of pure botanicals grew.  In honor of these powerful ingredients, we’d like to pay tribute to some of them from time to time… so… Here’s the breakdown about Thyme…
Aroma:  Strong, Herbaceous & Medicinal
Origin: France; Herb
Physical Attributes:  Antibacterial, Antiseptic, Diuretic, Immuno-Stimulant; Increases circulation and blood pressure.  Encourages appetite and is a digestive stimulant.  Helps to relieve arthritis and sciatica.  Regulates the menstrual cycle.  Beneficial for congestion, colds, coughs, sore throats, laryngitis and whooping cough.
Emotional Attributes:  Strengthens the nerves.  Increases memory and concentration.  Uplifting for exhaustion and depression.  Relieves sadness, nervous fatigue and trauma.
Skin Effects:  Helps with the formation of scar tissue.  Beneficial for dandruff and hair loss.  Soothing for wounds, sores, dermatitis, acne and psoraisis.
Thyme Tea:  Promote good health by drinking a cup of thyme tea instead of coffee!
Cooking with Thyme:  Thyme is one of the most important herbs of the European kitchen!  This herb pairs well with many other herbs—especially rosemary, parsley, sage, and oregano. Its pairs well with pork, lamb, duck, or goose, and it’s much beloved in Cajun and Creole cooking.
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