Bonnie Hall Joins 3000BC –
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3000BC WellMed Spa is excited to announce the addition of Bonnie Hall to our staff!  Bonnie will be working 10am – 8pm on Wednesdays!
PHILOSOPHY "I love transformation and seeing the hidden possibilities and potential that each person possesses! I believe we all innately know that our outer beauty is merely just the reflection of our inner beauty. How we honor and cherish ourselves as women! PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Bonnie is Board Certified with the AAM and has been practicing the art and science of permanent cosmetics since 1992 and  has worked side by side as a teacher /trainer with world renown teacher/trainer, Rosemarie Beaucheman, owner of The Beau Institute. Bonnie has assisted in training both primary and advanced classes for the Beau Institute as well as apprenticing hundreds of students helping them to prepare for their AAM testing and certifications. Working and teaching has enabled her to be on the cutting edge for the latest, most advanced techniques and education in regards to the art and science of permanent make up, areola complex tattooing ,camouflage tattooing and color theory. This ensures that her clients receive the best that this industry has to offer. "I approach each client with a co-creative approach; blending their desires, taste and style with my artistic ability, expertise while at the same time educating them as much as possible on having a "less is more" attitude. You can always add, darken and make thicker on a second visit this way it ensures that the work is always natural, beautiful and mistake proof. I have a little saying that I use when I work; that the client gets 2 votes and I get 1, but I will always do my best to guide and educate each client in a direction that will bring out their timeless beauty. 2 years ago Bonnie Hall has added the advanced  3-D technique of micro-blading eyebrows. Bonnie  trained with the leading micro blading master in the world, Daria Chupry, who has her training center in Greece and Beverly Hills. Bonnie sees micro blading as the hottest new trend in permanent make up, she searched and researched whose work and training was the best. "I quickly saw there were so many trainers out there capitalizing on the micro blading but not offering quality training because they weren’t even doing the procedure themselves for very long if at all! Being a trainer myself I am extremely picky on where I do my education and was so thankful to have taken the training with Daria!"
1992 Certification permanent cosmetics/micro pigmentation-Beau Institute
1996 Licensed Aesthetician & Make up artist-Christine Valmy International school for aesthetics and
1998 Certification advanced camouflage and areola tattooing-Beau Institute
2002 Certified co-active life coach-The coaches Training Institute
2006 Certification advanced color analysis-Sci/Art
2008 Certification American Academy of Micropigmentation teacher/trainer 2014 Daria Chuprys Permanent Make up Academy of Beverly Hills- Advanced micro blading 2016 certified 200 hour yoga instructor 
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JMiller / BEAUTY CONFIDENTIAL / 0 Comments