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Spa days are always a good idea, I mean who doesn’t enjoy a little pampering here and there? When 3000BC Medspa reached out to me about experiencing some of their services first hand, I was more than happy to set up an appointment. I wanted to make a fun afternoon out of it and asked my sister to join me. The spa is located in a quaint little part of Philadelphia called Chestnut Hill. I’ve spent so much time in the city, but because Chestnut Hill is sort of on the outskirts of Philadelphia, I haven’t really spent much time there. The cobble stone streets, the family restaurants and independent shops that have been there for 30+ years make this neighborhood feel so cozy and welcoming. 
We arrived for our treatments and the staff was so friendly and knowledgeable. When I met with my Esthetician, Leigh-Ann, I immediately noticed how AMAZING her skin looked and knew I was in good hands. Before my treatment began we used a machine which took pictures of my face (similar to the way an x-ray would) to get a look at the things we CAN’T see on my skin, like sun damage (the scary stuff!). Luckily, my skin wasn’t TOO damaged, nothing that can’t be reversed with a good skin care routine. Last year I had a spot of basal cell skin cancer removed, I know I should be wearing sunscreen pretty much all the time on my face, and I was definitely reminded from the photos what the sun can do!

My Treatment:
I was pretty excited to try the Hydra-facial (partially because I remember the Real Housewives of Orange County raving about it) and were they right! I walked out of the spa feeling like my skin had literally never been smoother. Leigh-Ann started with a treatment called dermablading, which I had never heard of. She used an ultra thin scalpel to lightly shave off layers of dead skin (I know that sounds scary, it’s not!). It is great for fine lines and trouble areas on your skin. It also is wonderful for those of us who don’t always get all our makeup off (guilty). The makeup sits in the top layers of our skin, which isn’t good, the dermablading ensures that your skin is completely clean and gets a restart! The facial included a ‘baby’ peel. I had really only heard of advanced peels, like the chemical kind where you are out of commission for a week. This one stung a bit when it went on but I knew that meant it was working its magic. Truthfully,  I’m not the best at exfoliating so I knew this was helping with any lingering problem skin. During the hydra facial, Leigh-Ann used a tool which sent the skin care products into deeper layers of the skin so the effect lasts longer, and help keep the top layer of skin looking healthier for a longer period of time. 
Julianna’s Treatment:
I never had acne issues as a teen, and then I turned 21 and my face reverted to a 14 year old! I’ve spent years trying to find the best way to keep my skin clear: which are the best products? what foods should I eliminate from my diet? you could say I’ve done it all. Full disclosure: I am a frequent visitor of the dermatologist, and after all this, I consider myself somewhat of a skin care snob. 
My sister asked if I would tag along for a trip to 3000BC Medspa – which was a no-brainer. Through all the trial and error with my skin, I’ve found that taking two hours every few months to go get a facial has made the biggest difference for me. I know it can get pricey, but for my situation it is the most worthwhile skin maintenance. I chose the Anti-Bacterial Acne Fighting Facial (obviously!) with Marissa. She used hydroxy acids, botanical extracts with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents, and natural earth clays to decongest pores and remove problematic acne causing bacteria. She also used the Biostimulatory Blue Light Therapy which was a first for me! My skin had that just washed-clean feeling for a full 24 hours after the facial. 
After both our facials were finished, we were offered tea and a chance to relax in our robes and enjoy the quiet steam room. After such a refreshing treatment its so nice to not be rushed out the door but rather, encouraged to continue relaxing and enjoying the experience. The spa also carries an incredible line of their own products. I walked out the door with a Retinol x5 cream as well as a primer/sunscreen. I’m obsessed with both! The primer is tinted and is similar to a BB cream (but way better). It’s perfect product for those mornings where you just don’t have time to put on makeup, but you don’t want to look like your two year old got you up at 5 a.m. The Retinol cream is helping to repair that damage that has yet to surface. Leigh-Ann instructed me to use it every other day for best results .
I’m still swooning over this facial almost a week later, and can’t wait to go back!
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