3000BC Sports/Deep Tissue Massage Massage

The specific components of this technique are administered to affect the deep-layers of the musculature. This deep therapy on the muscles and connective tissues loosens toxins and increases the blood and oxygen circulation, enhancing the body’s ability to heal. It is designed to help alleviate chronic muscular pain, reduce inflammation related pain caused by arthritis and tendonitis, promote injury rehabilitation and prepare the muscles for athletes during training regimens.

3000BC Therapeutic Massage

This comprehensive system of treatment uses soft tissue manipulation to balance the body’s central nervous system with the musculoskeletal system. For individuals recovering from injuries or managing physical ailments, this treatment will help to relieve body pain and reduce biomechanical dysfunction caused by physical strain and injuries, specifically in the regions of the back, neck, shoulder, knee, elbow and hip. Specifically, this integrative therapy will release spasms and hyper-contraction in the tissue, eliminate trigger points, restore postural alignment and flexibility, rebuild strength in the muscle, normalize joint pain, increase the range of motion and circulation, and stimulate the lymphatic flow.

3000BC Soothe Muscle & Joints Body Ritual

Concentrated pure essential oils in a vitamin enriched gel base blend of herbal extracts have been selected for anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. First, our alpha hydroxy botanical scrub consisting of jojoba beads and organic herbal infusions, is applied to the skin with a light circular motion to revitalize, eliminate surface impurities, and stimulate circulation.  Following this exfoliating procedure is an application of a specialized gel to provide relief for muscle soreness, rheumatic pain and topical skin injuries.  The treatment concludes with a nourishing lotion applied to the entire body for the ultimate pampering, which will leave your skin soft and refined and your mind completely renewed.

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