Quick Facts

The hands are an important part of the body to rejuvenate, as one’s age is often judged by the appearance of the hands

IPL can be used to reduce brown pigmentation from the back of the hands.  Dermal fillers can help to replace the natural fat loss of hands that occurs with ageing.

What Is Hand Rejuvenation?

A youthful appearance is often judged upon the condition of not only the face and neck, but also of the hands. Over time, hands can become pigmented with brown spots from sun damage. Older hands look wrinkled, and become bony with more prominent veins and tendons as we lose the fat under the skin with age. Hand rejuvenation can help to reverse these problems. This can be done with a combination of in clinic treatments, home skin care and injectables.

We’ve recently had some clients complaining about their ‘old ladies hands’, and with their faces looking great, we thought it only fair to develop a suite of treatments designed specifically for hands!

OPTION 1: Volume Replacement With Dermal Filler

Best for: Scrawny hands with visible veins and tendons

Our new favorite filler – Juvederm – is fabulous for plumping up hands that have lost volume. It spreads beautifully to contour naturally to the hand, and with a few tiny injections and some massage, you can have instantly more youthful hands.



Best for: Brown spots, sun damage, pigmentation.

IPL uses targeted pulses of light to break down pigment spots and redness in the skin, and can also assist in collagen production.  After your IPL treatment, you may find that the brown pigment goes darker for up to 2 weeks, so winter is a great time to be able to cover these with gloves. It’s important to keep your hands out of the sun for a month before and after your treatment, to reduce the chance of side effects.


The same treatment serums that you use for your face can be used to treat and improve the skin on your hands. A great hint is to use an extra pump of product when you are treating your face, and then extend the product down your neck, décolletage and backs of your hands, past your wrists.

If your hands are more damaged or wrinkly than your face, then you may need some specific serums just for your hands. We recommend seeing one of our medical skin therapists, who can guide you as to the best products to be using on your hands. The stronger and healthier your skin is, the better the results you’re likely to get from the other treatments.

What Treatments Are Available:

Dermal fillers: to plump up aged or bony hands and reduce the appearance of prominent veins.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): to reduce brown spots on the back of the hands and improve skin colour.

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