Before you proceed with any injectable treatment at 3000BC , we suggest you schedule an Injectable Consultation with one of our highly experienced Nurse Injectors.

This personalized Injectable Consultation provides you with a full assessment and education of your options so you can thoroughly make informed decisions and we assist to create your own personal ‘skincare plan’ of treatment options to suit your concerns.

This process takes approximately one hour during which we allow time for your first treatment. There is a consultation fee to cover your clinician’s time, however this is applied to your injectable treatment if you proceed on that same day. If you choose to have your treatment scheduled on a different day, our friendly front desk will book you it for an appointment on a day which works around your work or social events.

We also suggests returning in 2 weeks to see us for a complimentary follow-up! At this appointment we will assess your results, get your feedback, note any possible improvements, and take your “after” photos. If you wish to, we can also make any minor changes to ensure you have the best possible results!

Why 3000BC?

We commit to providing you with the best down-to-earth, honest, friendly and fun service in the industry! Injectable treatments like dermal filler and muscle relaxants are only administered by our highly trained expert medical team. Our medical director and nurses are experts in their field, and our focus is you!

We commit to only providing you with treatments which are SAFE, SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE.

We commit to starting with the lowest doses to give you gorgeous, natural-looking results. The aim is subtle, but significant. We can always add more at your follow-up.

We commit to providing you with the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE through superior service and a justified reputation for being the best!

To book an injectable consultation please contact the friendly front desk team at (215) 247-6020

3000BC Medical Spa in Center City and Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia