Neck Rejuvenation

Quick facts

The neck is an important area to rejuvenate as one’s age is often judged by the appearance of the hands and neck.
Sun damage and pigmentation can be treated with IPL.
Horizontal neck bands can be treated with dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections.
Early jowls can be reduced with anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler to create a more youthful jaw line.

What is non-surgical neck rejuvenation?

The neck is an aesthetically important area of that face, and can be as important as the face in revealing your age. The neck is subject to many degenerative changes such as loss of collagen and elastin, and accumulation of fat; and from external factors such as ultraviolet radiation. The neck and the decolletage area are particularly prone to premature ageing because these are areas of increased sun exposure.

Non-surgical neck rejuvenation has an adjunctive role to surgery and is also an alternative to surgery. Non-surgical procedures can also address the skin texture of the neck and decolletage whereas surgical procedures are unable to address this issue.

With an increasing need for minimally invasive procedures with little or no downtime, there has been a trend towards non-surgical neck rejuvenation.

What Treatments Are Available:

BOTOX®:  Soften ‘turkey neck bands’ and horizontal ‘necklace lines’ in the neck.

Dermal fillers: To fill horizontal necklace lines and soften out early jowls.

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