Delicate Makeup Remover


Created to gently dissolve all traces of makeup, this gently yet highly nourishing cleanser will also soothe and decongest skin surrounding the eyes and lips. Rich in botanical extracts that reduce inflammation, the makeup remover will also relieve eye irritation and puffiness.

This cleanser has been formulated with expeller expresses certified organic almond oil, emulsified with naturally-derived vegetable waxes and boosted with certified organic Bulgarian rosewater. Sodium cocoyl aminoacids, sarcosine, potassium aspartate and magnesium aspartate, are amino acids and minerals necessary for cell metabolism, provide soothing relief for sensitive and stressed skin, and help combat external stress factors such as pollution and harsh environments. Skin cells become stronger and defend themselves more effectively. Attacks to skin, especially chemical in nature, cause disturbances in the natural hydrolipid film resulting in dry, cracked and sensitive skin. This blend of amino acids and minerals reconstitutes the layer by adding the main building blocks, thereby creating superior moisture and protection. Also, magnesium and potassium are essential in the metabolism of skin cells and repair damaged skin. A single application to the skin has a marked immediate soothing and anti-stinging effect.

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