Phyto-Nutrient Toner – Calming


This gentle toner soothes and revitalizes sensitive, inflamed and dry skin. The anti-inflammatory properties calm irritations, while nourishing elements improve skin elasticity and promote cell renewal.

Human skin undergoes continuous changes throughout life due to external factors such as sunlight, pollution, climate change, and pH. Aging skin becomes overly dry, wrinkled, and often sags. The phyto-nutrient calming toner has improved with the addition of a new ingredient; water and saccharomyces lysate extract. This powerful enzyme rejuvenates skin due to its ability to stimulate oxygen uptake in the skin fibroblasts. Stimulation of the dermal fibroblasts produces collagen and elastin which repair damage to skin. The yeast extract also acts as a soothing anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant. It has line minimizing, cell renewing and proliferating properties while smoothing and moisturizing the skin and increasing cell respiration. The calming properties of neroli floral water and essential oil as well as organic bulgarian rosewater, nourish stressed and damaged skin. Organic lavender and ylang ylang essential oils bring balance and harmony to dry or sensitive skin. The freshness of pink grapefruit and cleansing properties of willowbark extract awaken your skin and give it new vitality. The product is preserved with a natural vegetable sourced glycine.

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“Phyto-Nutrient Toner – Calming”

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